CHARM-EU Proposal

During the first year CHARM-EU teams supported by the internal teams of each partner university will work building the model:

  • The innovative governance model for CHARM-EU
  • The curriculum design model, challenge driven and integrating the knowledge triangle
  • The teaching and learning strategies face-to-face and on-line
  • The mobility matrix for embedding mobility in the curriculum design to achieve that mobility become a norm
  • The inclusive policy to be taken into account in  all the pieces of the model

CHARM-EU will test the model through a master of 90 ECTS as a proof of concept, to be used to refine the model. Each piece of the model will be a part of the tool kit that CHARM-EU will produce to help other universities to use the model as a whole or part of it.

The results of the 3 year co-financed period will be mainly:

  • The model for CHARM-EU to be escalated to more programs (bachelor, master and doctorate programs)
  • The tool kit for other universities